Safety and Security Measures at Christian Schools in Smithtown, New York: An Expert's Perspective

As the safety of students and staff in schools is of utmost importance, it is essential to understand the safety and security measures taken at Christian schools in Smithtown, New York. In order to ensure the safety of all those involved, it is important to assess the current security protocols and make recommendations for improvement based on the results of inspections of school buildings. In recent years, there has been an increased focus on school safety and security across the United States. In Tennessee, Governor Bill Lee issued an executive order last year that required the state to prepare a report on the use of armed guards in non-public schools and to assess its need for training active shooters.

Private schools typically do not have access to police officers, but many public schools have assigned security personnel to their campuses, according to Mo Canady, executive director of the National Association of School Resource Officers. Shootings are more common in middle and high schools than in elementary schools like Covenant, where security officers are less likely to be assigned. Private schools may not have access to government programs that strengthen security, although some states may provide state money to bolster security with personnel, equipment, and technology. After a Long Island school district announced in January that it would employ armed security guards on school campuses, another district followed suit.

The district said that this decision was made with a heavy heart but was necessary to better protect members of the school community. Private school safety protocols are similar to those in public schools but are tailored to the location and circumstances of each school, according to Myra McGovern from the National Association of Independent Schools. Despite widespread concern about mass shootings, experts say that private schools have invested in similar ways as public schools in preventing violence. Today, private schools often employ highly-paid security specialists such as retired federal agents, according to Michael Dorn from Safe Havens International, a non-profit school safety center. In Tennessee, laws requiring schools to develop and submit safety plans do not apply to private schools. The guards stationed outside all schools in the district do not wear uniforms or marked cars and should only enter schools in case of emergency.

Grant said that the Franklin Classical School, a school under the spiritual supervision of his church, the Parish Presbyterian Church in Franklin, Tennessee, has closing procedures and security codes. The Covenant Presbyterian School and Church are connected to the Nashville Presbyterian Church which includes Presbyterian Church congregations in the United States, central Tennessee and southwestern Kentucky. Surveillance footage from Monday's shooting at a private Christian school in Nashville showed many known security measures such as double sets of locked glass doors which the killer broke through before gunning down three children and three school employees. As an expert in school safety and security measures, I believe that it is essential for Christian schools in Smithtown, New York to take proactive steps towards ensuring the safety of their students and staff. This includes conducting regular inspections of school buildings and implementing appropriate security protocols based on the results of these inspections. It is also important for private schools to invest in personnel such as retired federal agents who can provide additional protection for students and staff.

Additionally, private schools should consider implementing additional measures such as double sets of locked glass doors or other access control systems that can help prevent unauthorized access into school buildings. Ultimately, it is essential for Christian schools in Smithtown, New York to take all necessary steps towards ensuring the safety and security of their students and staff. By taking proactive steps towards improving their safety protocols and investing in personnel who can provide additional protection for students and staff, these schools can help ensure that their students are safe while they are learning.