Unlock the Creative Potential of Your Child at Smithtown Christian School

Smithtown Christian School is a place where teachers, staff and administration are committed to preparing today's youth to be tomorrow's leaders. With a comprehensive program in Fine Arts, including instruction and opportunities in the performing and visual arts, students have the chance to develop their skills and talents in music, art and athletics. From kindergarten through fifth grade, general music classes are part of the regular schedule, while sixth, seventh, and eighth graders are instructed in art. High school students have many elective art options.

At Smithtown Christian School, students create projects in class and display their work in the hallways, at annual winter and spring art exhibitions, and for other important church and school events. The Smithtown Central School District music program offers students a wide variety of opportunities and experiences throughout their elementary and secondary education to foster their creative abilities and develop an appreciation for the arts. Patrick School also provides Catholic education to nearly 500 students from kindergarten through eighth grade. For students who participate in band and string programs, weekly group classes are offered during school with a rotating class schedule. Students also use technology through the use of photo editing software, interactive PowerPoint and Media Shout, and their work is often shown in churches and schools. The mission of Smithtown Christian School is to teach with excellence in the classroom and through the influence of life in life to produce exceptional young Christian leaders with a heart for God, a mind for truth, and a passion to change the world.

Aim for heavenly values by sending your children to Smithtown Christian School, even if that means sacrifice. Unlock your child's creative potential by enrolling them at Smithtown Christian School. With comprehensive Fine Arts programs, general music classes from kindergarten through fifth grade, art classes for sixth through eighth graders, elective art options for high schoolers, and technology-based learning opportunities, your child will have the chance to explore their talents while developing an appreciation for the arts.