Skin List: How To Unlock All Skins can be an addictive little point: you start taking part in for some quick spins, and it quickly grows into a couple of hours of nonstop gameplay.

Once you obtain the essential rules of how exactly to win in, it’s relatively simple to get your snake/worm (let’s just contact it a sworm) to 5,000 to 10,000 point size. The true challenge starts from then on.

But if you’re playing on your own browser, be it on a tablet or a desktop, you will probably find it difficult to do something that you can do from the get-move in the iPhone and Android app: modification


So how do it is done by you? The option appears to be missing initially, but after that you can see that you could unlock it by posting a link of the overall game on Facebook and/or Twitter. Just share that hyperlink and you’d see the button to improve your skins appear.

However, what now ? unless you want to talk about that link but still access the slither io skins? Well, individuals are reporting that you can hit the Facebook/Twitter talk about button, and quickly close it then, and you’d still start to see the option to transformation your sworm skins show up. We tried it and it worked for us beautifully.

And once unlocked, listed below are all the skins that you could pick from.