How To Buy a Pet Turtle

When looking for a pet turtle to buy, you must first consider what kind of turtle that you wish to own. There are different types of aquatic and non aquatic turtles. The information in this post is on Red Ear Slider Turtles and their Turtle Tanks. Red Ear Slider turtles are the easiest of all turtles to take care of and are the best for beginners. They are also the cheaper of the turtle breeds.

You may find when you enter the pet store that there are turtles swimming and turtles basking in the light. Whether you want a turtle to bask or swim more than the other does not depend on the behavior of your turtle. It depends on YOU and how you have your Turtle Tanks set up. With the appropriate Water Turtle tank setup, your turtle will bask and swim on his own.

Buying a turtle at a young age is usually the best. But be careful that they are not too young because there is a risk of salmonella in very young turtles. When they are younger they will grow and become accustomed to your feeding schedule and the Turtle Tank you keep them in. It is a good idea to ask the store owner the current food pellet they are feeding them, so that you may also use the same pellet food the turtle is use to. This will ensure that your turtle will continue eating and not reject the new type of pellet food you introduce to them.